Acuity Scheduling
Certified Expert Program

The ACE up your sleeve for all things set up, business strategy & tech support

Our Acuity Scheduling Certified Expert (ACE) Program Is Pretty Dang Special

Acuity was built on one big idea: we all deserve businesses that run better by default. While the Acuity Scheduling platform is easy (peasy) to use, our ACE partners are standing at the ready to help you in a pinch and show you the shortcuts for getting the most out of Acuity.


Let's Rock the Road Less Travelled

The Acuity Scheduling Certified Expert (ACE) Program is all about bridging the gap between your day-to-day business and your big, fancy daydreams. Sometimes, this looks like a little extra set up help. Other times, you might have an amazing vision for new features or integrations that don’t currently exist. Wherever you want to go, our ACE partners can help you get there.

An Expert Exists For Every Need

From rockstar set-up experts to uber-smart developers, our ACE partners can help you answer any question, solve any problem, and show you the way forward.

Setup Ninja

Set-Up Ninjas

Set-Up Ninjas are your go-to resources for getting you up and running on your very own Acuity Scheduling account.

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Business Strategists

Business Strategists

Business Strategists are the brainiacs you go to when you have questions about how best to use Acuity within your business.

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Technology Wizard

Technology Wizards

Technology Wizards are the talent you hire when you want some new technical thing-a-ma-jig built that plays friendly with Acuity.

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One of These Friendly Experts Is Here to Save Your Day

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Image of Dani


Business Strategist & Set-up Ninja & Technology Wizard

Image of Janice Hurlburt

Janice Hurlburt

Technology Wizard & Business Strategist & Set-up Ninja

Image of Cat Doyle, Soothed

Cat Doyle, Soothed

Technology Wizard & Set-up Ninja

Image of Brent


Business Strategist & Set-up Ninja

Image of Stephanie Ficele

Stephanie Ficele

Business Strategist & Set-up Ninja

Image of Stephen Kaupp

Stephen Kaupp

Business Strategist & Set-up Ninja

Image of Cooper Lightpress

Cooper Lightpress

Business Strategist & Set-up Ninja

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Acuity Scheduling charge a fee to work with an ACE partner? No, not even a penny! While our ACE partners do charge for their work, we do not take a cut.

How do I get in touch with an ACE partner? Simply click on their headshot or logo above, which will take you to that partner’s web page with contact information.

Who are these ACE partners? They are third-party service providers who help customers like you get the most out of Acuity.

How are ACE partners chosen? Each ACE partner has been certified by our team through our application and review process. Only the best become ACEs.

What happens if I have a problem working with my ACE partner? We encourage you to give constructive feedback to your ACE. Our ACEs are committed to providing you with a great working experience.