11 Ways to Boost Revenue at Your Scheduling Business


Running a business in our fast-paced digital world asserts the notion that your time is money. This means that answering phone calls, responding to appointment emails, and sending reminders  can take up precious time and literally lose you money. That’s where scheduling software like Acuity Scheduling works 24/7 so you don’t have to.

When set up to address your business needs, the right scheduling software can take time-consuming tasks off your plate, boost revenue, improve customer loyalty, and make the most of your team’s time.

Here are 11 ways to make your scheduling software work for you:

1. Make it easy for new clients to find you and book online

As new businesses pop online every day, a user-friendly scheduling system and stunning website that highlights your brand’s energy can help your business break through the noise. While building an online presence can be intimidating, Squarespace has done the creative work for you with customizable, ready-to-use templates ready to choose from. The website builder also includes built-in SEO functionally that makes your site discoverable to people searching. With a seamless Acuity Scheduling integration, it's simple to add a frictionless booking experience to your site. Customers don’t have to wait until business hours to call. They can do it from their desktop, tablet or smartphone. 

2. Help clients remember their appointments

Missed appointments mean missed revenue and, potentially, decreased customer loyalty. When clients show for their appointments as scheduled, it’s a win-win for everyone. Appointment reminders can decrease late cancellations and no-shows, but who has the time to follow up with every client before each appointment? That’s where Acuity Scheduling steps in. Acuity helps you send automated email and/or text message reminders to clients without lifting a finger. Plus, reminders are fully customizable, offering you an extra touchpoint to showcase your brand personality and strengthen your bond with clients.

3. Have a clear no-show policy

Even with reminders, no-shows and last-minute cancellations are inevitable. Preparedness is key, so having a clear no-show policy sets both you and your clients up for success. Additionally, a no-show policy provides clear expectations for clients, can help reduce lost revenue, and sets the tone for mutual respect between your hard-working staff and well-meaning clients. 

Help avoid confusion by displaying your policies anywhere a client books an appointment, within the appointment reminder communication, and in an easy-to-find spot on your website. It may also be beneficial to increase touchpoints to share your guidelines. 

Keeping track of no-show trends over time can guide business practices. Through Acuity Scheduling, you can mark an appointment as a no-show without sending any notifications to the client. Your staff can then use this information to guide their interactions with that client in the future.

4. Offer recurring appointments

Your goal is to make your clients’ booking experience as straightforward as possible. That’s why Acuity Scheduling makes it possible for you to offer customizable recurring appointment options. Much like your business, every client has unique needs. When turned on, clients can either book recurring appointments of their choosing or book a single appointment. Either way, it’s beneficial to offer either option. 

Payments can be requested at the time of booking, so you can rest easy knowing that those appointments are accounted for. If you add a clear no-refund guideline in your late cancellation and no-show policy, this covers you for any missed appointments.

5. Leverage custom intake forms

With competition in every market, consumers expect customized interactions and offers from the businesses they invest in. Using Acuity Scheduling’’s custom intake forms, you can gather relevant information about new clients and use those details to provide packages tailored to their needs. 

Train staff to review this information before meeting with a client. That way, you can provide stellar service and identify opportunities to upsell services and products that actually benefit your client. Let’s say you run a spa business. It’s advantageous to know if a client suffers from dry skin so staff can recommend hydrating skincare products or treatments. 

6. Run a promotion when things are slow

While many businesses run promotions on Black Friday, you should run promotions during the time of year that makes the most sense for your business. For example, it may be beneficial for you to only offer promotions when appointments are slowest for your business. In some cases, the summer months, June, July and August, can be  the slowest months for fitness businesses. To overcome this, gyms can offer a “Summer Special” through Acuity Scheduling to get new sign-ups through the door.

7. Offer packages

For clients who know they’ll come back for your services, offering a discounted package that encourages buying in bulk can encourage them to increase their spend. With Acuity Scheduling, you can set these packages up so they show up automatically for clients–taking the sales work out of your hands. 

Rather than discounting all services, be strategic in your approach to attracting new clients. For instance, a dog washing business could offer an additional two washes for free when a client signs up for a pack of ten. This strategy has the potential to increase your overall revenue while ensuring clients use your services for an extended period of time.

8. Encourage clients to take advantage of gift cards

Gift cards are a great way to encourage clients to make a purchase with your business for themselves or someone else. Through Acuity Scheduling, clients can purchase gift cards on your website. This exposes your business to new and existing clients, establishing brand loyalty. You can make gift cards more enticing by creating deals that treat the gifter and the giftee. For instance, you can offer a $5 gift card with every purchase of a $50 gift card, or a buy-one-get-one 50% off deal on gift cards over $100. 

9. Have a virtual offering

Our global community is more connected than ever, meaning those who don’t offer virtual services or products are missing out on an entire market of potential clients. Tap into those consumers by adding online classes and/or appointments that give clients the opportunity to experience your services from anywhere in the world. Acuity Scheduling takes the guesswork out of where your online offering is hosted with a Zoom integration. 

10. Let clients book from anywhere

Whether they discover you through social media or a web search, make it possible for new clients to book right then and there. Take advantage of Acuity’s Google Reserve connection, which supports clients making purchases directly from a Google search. Additionally, by connecting Acuity to your social media pages, you can empower clients to purchase directly from those pages with no extra clicks required. It’s all about meeting customers where they are at, and with Acuity Scheduling, you can.

11. Take advantage of integrated payments 

With such a large number of bookings being made online, it’s important to have a reliable payments system. Acuity’s integrated payments customizations are simple to navigate and can be tailored to your business’s needs. The platform also provides a straightforward way for clients to add tips with their preferred payment method.

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