How Acuity Scheduling Helps Mejuri Style Customers Across Locations

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+75 calendars for new store locations

+100 store associates managing their own calendars

after switching to Acuity Scheduling Enterprise


Mejuri is a luxury jewelry company based in Canada that’s redefining how people view fine jewelry. No longer is it just an expensive gift from a significant other, but it’s a way for consumers to express their identities and celebrate themselves. While rapidly growing, Mejuri teams had to satisfy an increased demand for customer appointments across geographic regions and partnered with Acuity Scheduling’s Enterprise solution.

Mejuri needed the right scheduling partner to manage their expanded service offerings, which now include piercing appointments and both in-store and virtual styling consultations. More services meant more scheduling logistics.

We needed a solution that could grow with us and allow us to scale, and we felt the Enterprise solution would enable us to do that,” says Product Manager Kari Beiswanger. “It gives us a lot more flexibility with our calendars and accounts.

Mejuri executives knew they all needed to coordinate schedules and proactively share calendar access. Thanks to the Enterprise solution’s uncapped calendars and accounts, each location now owns a unique calendar, and employees can log in with individual accounts to manage them appropriately. This helps store managers and associates coordinate with other Mejuri locations by keeping their own store’s calendar availability updated and accessible.

“Our calendars are synced so teams can see each others’ availability,” Beiswanger explains. “We wanted to tailor calendar availability to a specific location’s hours or employee schedules, and [Acuity Scheduling] makes it possible.”

How Acuity Scheduling’s Enterprise solution supports Mejuri services

While Mejuri had previously used the standard Acuity plan to manage bookings, Beiswanger says her team needed a plan that would better support the brand’s expansion and solve the scheduling complexities that high-growth franchises often face.

“We were experiencing pain points that came along with our growth,” she says. “Trying to manage calendars across many stores often resulted in human error. Someone could accidentally change the availability for every store or add a lunch break for employees across a fleet of stores.”

Now, having the flexibility to add calendars and employee accounts as needed with the Enterprise solution means that Beiswanger’s team shares the administrative workload with their colleagues at each location. Managers can access their own store’s calendar to make updates on demand to keep their corporate counterparts informed.

Jessica Graves, senior manager of retail operations and experience, says Mejuri store managers use their Acuity calendars daily to maximize their employees’ and customers’ time. Store managers strategically schedule piercing and styling appointments in Acuity to best serve customers during peak and non-peak traffic times, optimizing service for both appointment holders and walk-in customers.

“It helps us make sure that we’re scheduling appointments at the right time to drive revenue and provide a best-in-class customer experience, and that we’re scheduling with the flow of our business,” she explains.

How Acuity Scheduling account management supports Mejuri

According to Beiswanger, one of the best perks of Acuity Scheduling’s Enterprise solution isn’t found in the platform itself—but in her relationship with Mejuri’s dedicated account manager. As a strategic thought partner in Mejuri’s scheduling growth, Beiswanger says her account manager is quick to share the workload of creative problem-solving with her team.

“She’s been an incredible partner. Being able to leverage her expertise on the platform has been very helpful,” Beiswanger explains.

Her team encountered a new scheduling challenge after adding a members-only perk to the Mejuri+ loyalty program—a complimentary birthday styling party for each member and two guests. They had to figure out how to keep birthday bookings within the program, and Beiswanger says her account manager’s guidance led them to a frictionless solution.

“She helped us troubleshoot a way to accomplish this in Acuity and ensure that this appointment type was protected,” Beiswanger explains. “It was truly a partnership in problem solving. We picked her brain about how we could implement the program without disrupting the normal booking flow for customers.”

She says having such personal support saved her team critical time researching the solution on their own as well as thoroughly testing its viability to prevent any service interruptions after launch.

“Maybe we could have figured it out on our own but not as quickly or seamlessly,” Beiswanger says. “She helped us be more agile and bring the program to life faster.”

She adds that her account manager is also a valuable resource for sharing Acuity product updates and roadmap plans.

“It feels like we’re working together as a team, which is always appreciated in a vendor,” Beiswanger says. “Having that [product] visibility helps us understand where we can unlock more value for our business.”

How Acuity Scheduling’s Enterprise solution helps Mejuri enhance the customer appointment experience

As Mejuri expanded from Canada throughout the U.S., Beiswanger says they faced a variety of compliance laws for providing piercing services in each state. Different states require providers to gather different sets of customer information, and Acuity simplifies this task with the option to customize intake forms.

“Some states require us to ask certain questions, and we can adjust the appointment intake forms based on location,” Beiswanger explains. “Customers provide as much information as possible upfront, and we don’t have to capture it in-store, which creates a more seamless appointment check-in.”

Graves adds that the benefits of customizing intake forms extend beyond fulfilling legal requirements. With custom forms, Mejuri employees can prepare for styling consultations by gathering key customer preferences before their visit, such as favorite designs, sizes, and jewelry composition metals.

“Having that information on the backend helps our stylists pull the right merchandise before an appointment and display it beautifully when the customer arrives,” Graves says. “It saves a lot of time and elevates the customer experience.”

According to Beiswanger, accessing real-time appointment analytics through the Acuity API and dashboard helps Mejuri improve service offerings and tailor them to customer preferences. Her team plans to use cancellation data to strategize how they can further improve the customer experience.

“Our goal is to better identify why customers are canceling appointments and take steps to reduce our cancellation rate,” she explains. “We previously didn’t have those granular insights on appointment details, and the more we understand about our customers the better we can serve them.”

Jewelry redefined meets scheduling redefined

Through informative analytics, personalized account management support, and calendars built to scale, Acuity Scheduling’s Enterprise solution sets up Mejuri for continued scheduling success—wherever their growth leads the business.


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